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I was born into a prominent family at Aimury in Perumbavoor in Ernakulam District of Kerala State Jolly Vettickanakudy Paul in the wee hours of May the 6th 1968 bringing joy to my religious family.

I lost my father at a young age and had to shoulder the responsibility to look after the family. An avid reader of technical books I decided to join the defense services at the prime age of 18. The Air force gave me what I sought in life, inculcated discipline, trained me in communication and got me technical knowhow.

My search for self discipline was enhanced the day I met Mother Theresa, I continued to keep in touch with the mother and was blessed by the calm and serene mother.

The technical knowhow gathered from various tech books and the hands on experience with the Air force turned me into an innovator, I being an enthusiast for all that moved and transported people – cars, Boats and airplanes. After a 20 year stint with the Air Force I decided to settle down in my home town of Perumbavoor, pursuing research to enhance and protect the automobile, marine vessels and airborne machines from the vagaries of the atmosphere – pollution / restoration / corrosion. My ingenuity and hard work produced the Polymer Duo protection. This product was tested on automobiles, boats and aircrafts and was found to be very effective. This product is very environment friendly as also has no side effects on people working with it.

I produced this product with the idea that everyone in society was profited. I appointed franchisees all over Kerala state and the product is in high demand. The franchisees are a satisfied lot and continue earning and improving their life styles.


Suzanna Care Technologies and Services was founded in the city of Kochi, I believed it was possible to create a better, effective and advanced paint protection system than what was currently available.

I stay ahead of my competitors with a simple philosophy that remains until this day: produce a premium quality formula without compromises and offer excellent service. This successful formula Suzanna Care is based on the number-letter designation assigned to automobile and marine care product listings on planet earth. It wasn't too long when the product range had expanded into a complete line of car care products for end-users, professional detailers, paint and body shops, and factory use.

I have simplified my business venture and I am in the process of drawing up plans to expand my network and go global.



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