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Process of transforming the characteristic of paint from its absorbing nature to rejecting tendency

The first step is surface preparation:-Paint De-oxidizer, special blend of synthetic polymer liquid compound which removes all the bonded contaminants from the base paint, superficial scratches, stains, and oxidation.
Second step is clearing:-Clear Cut, advanced formula blend with scratch remover system which clears the base paint and also removes the scratches at a greater extend.

Final step is sealant:-Polymer Duo, a superior quality paint sealant based on Ethylene and Silicon which seals the base paint with 0.5micron. By means of an orbital buffer we apply Polymer Sealant to provide maximum protection.
(For old, heavily oxidized paint that is dull and no longer shines, the "Paint Restoration" service will need to be added for an additional cost.) The door jambs and mouldings are cleaned and tires dressed. The carpets and upholstery are completely shampooed and serviced. Leather is carefully cleaned - then treated with to soften, preserve and protect it. Door panels and dashboard are cleaned and conditioned. Instrument panels, gauges, vents, sun visors, steering wheel and column, centre console, alloy wheels etc., are meticulously cleaned and detailed. Windows are cleaned inside and out. Special care and protection on logos and emblems.

The Connoisseur’s Detail
Our Complete Interior and Exterior Detailing package is guaranteed to please the most discriminating car-care connoisseur with one year guarantee.

Custom Hand Wash
We begin by thoroughly cleaning the tires, wheels, and fender wells. Then, using the industries best wash solutions, we carefully hand-wash the vehicle. Next, using controlled air pressure, we carefully blow all excess water from the vehicle, then hand-dry with soft, clean, non-scratching chamois. We carefully clean the wheels, door jambs, and mouldings, and dress the tires. The interior is thoroughly vacuumed and hand dusted. Windows are cleaned inside and out.

Express Interior Detailing

This service is designed for cars that are not heavily soiled, but need a quick interior spruce-up. We begin with the “Mini-Detail” services. We then thoroughly wipe-clean the interior, including dashboard, gauges, and visors. The entire car is vacuumed, including the trunk. At this point you can choose to have the carpets serviced, or have the seats cleaned.
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