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Suzanna Care Technologies and Services was founded in the city of Kochi by Mr. Jolly V Paul, who believed it was possible to create a better effective and advanced paint protection system than what was currently available.

Mr. Jolly stood apart from his competitors based on a simple philosophy that remains until this day: produce a premium quality formula without compromises and offer excellent service. Mr. Jolly named his successful formula Suzanna Care based on the number-letter designation assigned to automobile and marine care product listings on planet earth.
It wasn't too long when the product range had expanded into a complete line of car care products for end-users, professional detailers, paint and body shops, and factory use.
Suzanna Automobile and Marine Technologies Private Ltd remains a private firm owned and operated by the Jolly V Paul family. The company may have grown since the early days but the philosophy hasn't changed, “While we may be smaller relative to other car care product companies, it remains our advantage allowing us to be innovative and remain focused on the original mission”.

The range initially started with ten products and now extends to over fifty. Suzanna Automobile and Marine Technologies Private Ltd is committed to continuing the values and philosophy that served as the foundation of Mr. Jolly’s original vision and look forward to provide quality products and services to our customers in the years to come.
As one of only a few remaining manufacturers in the world, our in-house research & development department works with the help of innovative research methods on the constant improvement of our products as well as on the development of new products. The results of this research and development are highly effective formulations. By the aid of modern production technologies and choosing select raw materials we produce brand products on the basis of these formulations.

When quality ingredients are crossed with the policy of not taking any shortcuts, you achieve results that exceed your expectations. Whether it's ease of use, exceptional cleaning, the correction of paint defects, or enduring results, you will not be disappointed with the results from Suzanna Care Technologies and services.
On a cost per use basis, Suzanna Automobile and Marine Technologies Private Ltd products are the definition of value. When you consider the efficiency of the products, their tangible and lasting results, there is no better value.


We invite you to try our line of quality products. We guarantee we will exceed your expectations. Everyone at Suzanna Automobile and Marine Technologies Private Ltd takes pride in the products they have produced and we hope you may also take the opportunity to experience it.
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